Infant Formula

Infant Formula

Infant Formula

Women’s and Children’s Health Network. Infant Formula [internet]. 2019 [cited Apr 2021]; WCH.

This is a booklet for families who have already decided to bottle feed their baby and provides information on safe preparation and feeding of infant formula. It discusses the types of infant formula, choosing the right formula, making up formula, cleaning and sterilising bottles and equipment as well as growth and nappies.

How to Prepare Formula for Bottle-Feeding at home

How to Prepare Formula for Bottle-Feeding at Home

World Health Organisation. How to Prepare Formula for Bottle-Feeding at Home [internet]. 2007 [cited Apr 2021]; WHO.

It is important to know how prepare bottle feeds from powdered infant formula as safely as possible at home. By preparing and storing powdered infant formula correctly, you can reduce the risk of illness. It is safest to prepare a fresh feed each time one is needed, and to consume immediately.

Healthy eating and physical activity for early childhood - Get Up & Grow

Get Up & Grow

Department of Health and Ageing. Get Up & Grow [internet]. 2013 [cited Apr 2021]; DoHA.

Get up and Grow is a guide that helps parents and educators to make sure that children eat healthy foods and are physically active, so they grow up healthy and strong. It provides general non-commercial, evidence-based information to early childhood education and care settings, to assist in developing healthy habits for children birth to five years.

Information for health workers Infant feeding guidelines

Infant Feeding Guidelines Information For Health Workers

National Health and Medical Research Council. Infant Feeding Guidelines Information For Health Workers [internet]. 2012 [cited Apr 2021]; Canberra: NHMRC.

The purpose of this document is to support optimum infant nutrition by providing a review of the evidence and clear guidance on infant feeding for health workers. Some information the guidelines include are discussions of strategies for initiating, establishing and maintaining breastfeeding, it also discusses common breastfeeding problems.